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Kunick Arms Training


Florida Training Approved

Kunick Arms Training has been approved by the State of Florida DACS Division of Licensing to train and certify individuals looking to apply and obtain their Florida Concealed Carry Permit. Training for both classroom and range requirements is provided within our NRA Basic Pistol Course. Click here to enroll in an upcoming class!

You may click here to view a map of the additional states Florida will provide in addition to your Wisconsin permit.

Van Wanggaard

Brian and Tim Kunick, NRA Certified Instructors, pose for a picture with Senator Van Wanggaard, Wisconsin. Senator Wanggaard visited the NRA and Kunick Arms Training booths at the Milwaukee Sports Complex on Sunday February 5, 2012. Senator Wanggaard is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights.

Wisconsin's First CCW Self-Defense Event

concealed carry training

Brian and Tim Kunick are pictured with Nazir Al-Mujaahid on February 4, 2012 at the Milwaukee Sports Complex. While exercising his Constitutional right to keep and bear arms via CCW, Al-Mujaahid defended himself and his wife from a robber armed with a shotgun. Al-Mujaahid will face no charges, while the armed robbers are facing over 80 years in prison. Al-Mujaahid is an NRA Member and his wife joined the NRA today.